Start a win - win business relation with us to expand your hardware and software business by selling our customized software specially developed for

Residential Apartments
Hotels and Resorts
Restaurants and Bars
Bakery and Ice cream Parlours
Canteen & cafes
Grocery Stores
Departmental Stores
Distributors and Stockists
Salons and Spas
Hostels and PG Accommodations
Colleges and Institutes
Public and Private Libraries
Book Stores
Warehouses and Cold storages
Professionals service providers,
Service Engineers and various
Commercial Building

Become a Reseller

MLAI solutions seek to expand its global presence by partnering with Resellers who have expertise in specific markets and business contacts.:

1 . White-Labelled Developers

Our company has developed solutions to meet the needs of all sphere Business as well as non Business. You can rely on the trained and certified MLAI Solutions services team to assist you in the support of our product and / or adding new services or offerings to your customer base.

2 .Direct Affiliate

Establish a long-term partnership with your referred customers by promoting MLAI solutions. Through MLAI Solutions, your business will directly serve the client and earn profits throughout the entire process.

3 . Refer-A-Friend to MLAI Solutions

Is there anyone you know who would benefit from the software of MLAI Solutions? Send your friends, partners, and colleagues our way, and we will reward you with a token of our appreciation as a way of saying thanks.


Why Reseller?

As a result of the current competitive environment, any company must cultivate strategic partner relationships that will assist it in taking steps towards longer-term success.

We recognize the importance of partner relationships, and at MLAI Solution, we are committed to providing our partners with a profitable partnership program that meets their needs.

We at MLAI Solution believe that our resellers are one of our most important assets. We do not simply consider our resellers as distributors or resellers of our products, we consider our resellers as members of the MLAI Solution Team as well. Many resellers are going the extra mile to offer our customers the most advantageous conditions for buying and using our solutions.

What do we offer?

As a leading provider of compliance and performance excellence software, we are recognized as innovators in this field. However, we believe that this is not enough. We recognize that our customers must also achieve success in the sale of our highly acclaimed products for us to achieve success in the sale of our products.

As a result, we do not only provide our resellers with competitive profit margins and commissions, but also extensive marketing support and training throughout the entire process.

Furthermore, at MLAI Solutions, we emphasize cultivating and maintaining personal relationships with all of our business partners. Moreover, we ensure that they are well informed about our development roadmap and company goals.

MLAI Solutions Software Development Expertise

The technical and industry-specific expertise we provide in custom software development services enables our resellers to expand what they can offer to their clients, which allows them to create new business opportunities and provide more value to their clients.

1 . Software Solutions:

As a leading custom software development enterprise, we offer top-of-the-line solutions for start-ups, small and mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises, and we can scale to meet their specific requirements.

2 . System Integrations:

We have a dedicated team of software engineers who are responsible for providing solution architecture design, testing, debugging, implementation and execution management services to help overcome integration and implementation challenges.

3 . Web & Mobile App Development:

We are a leading development company that offers technical expertise that is industry-specific and has decades of experience in delivering interoperable, scalable web and mobile applications across a wide range of industries.

4 . Migrations & Upgrades:

Our database migration service consists of moving a client's databases, servers, and SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) packages with a minimum of downtime, as well as user accounts, agent jobs, and SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) packages.


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