MLAI Solution AMC Management System

AMC Management System

Annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) are agreements in which a corporation costs a customer a certain fee for a specific product (physical or intangible) for a set period of time and fixed services. AMC management software aids firms in efficiently managing Annual Maintenance Contracts and Complaint Service Calls.

As a result, our module addresses both criteria. It also keeps track of payment schedules because contracts are sometimes written in advance or payments are made on a quarterly, monthly, or half-yearly basis, so you may plan for when the money will be received.

AMC Management System

  • AMC management software makes it simple for the support team to keep track of all necessary product information on a single platform. Because maintaining track of each customer's Product Principal Name and Product Serial Number is a complicated and time-consuming task.
  • AMC reminders will notify you when the AMC is about to expire, allowing you to ask the client to renew it.
  • When you create AMC, the software will automatically create a periodic service for you. The organisation will be able to view how many services have been scheduled and for which customer with the help of AMC management software. This software will notify you when the service date is approaching. As a result, you can ensure that the consumer receives service on time.