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Salon Management System / Spa Management System

A seamless, stress-free way to manage inventory and appointments ? MLAI Salon Management / MLAI Spa Management is a powerful salon software / spa software that will help you do this and more. Our Salon software solutions / Spa Software Solution help business owners in the beauty industry to grow their businesses, save time, and reach clients. Using our tools, you will be able to manage payrolling, billing, client engagement, and carry out powerful marketing strategies.

MLAI All-in-one cloud-based salon management software / Spa Management software that lets you easily manage your clients, staff and your premises.


MLAI is the all-in-one salon management software you need to stay organized, profitable, and balanced.

  1. Client Engagement :- It helps you get everything you need to manage the clients, so you don’t have to work every hour
  2. Booking and Scheduling :- Its normal to lose track of clients when so much needs to be kept in mind. Keep a record of clients, shifts, breaks, etc. with the MLAI scheduler.
  3. Team Management :- MLAI's platform and staff app letyou manage your team from anywhere. Clear communication makes managingemployees seamless.


A Business runs smoothly when the clients are happy. Therefore, your appointments should be managed efficiently to maintain your peace of mind.

  • Client Portal :-You should allow clients to book and manage appointments online. Let them reschedule and cancel appointments based on your policies.
  • Reward Program :- Make your clients feel valued by rewarding them for booking with your salon / spa.
  • Customer App :- Empower your clients to book anytime and anywhere. Streamline and professionalize their experience.


For Salons, Spas, Beauty Palors, Beauticians, Makeup artists


Keeping all sales And marketing in one place, save valuable time and speed up your process.

  1. Lead Management :- MLAI helps you manage potential clients seamlessly. We've got you covered whether you're creating leads on the customer portal or answering web inquiries.
  2. Automation :- You can use MLAI to automate those mundane tasks right now or at a later time by assigning triggers.
  3. Staff App :-When it's busy at the salon / spa, the MLAI staff app covers you. Whether you're at the front desk or the salon / spa, the MLAI staff app keeps you on top of all your duties.

Salon Payment Processing / Spa payment processing

Our solution helps salons / Spas gain more control and visibility over their finances.

  • Point of Sale :- Streamline sales at your POS with integrated payments.
  • Memberships :- Create memberships with services and products. Redeem these benefits in-branch or online and transform the client experience.

Automate the Management of your Salon and Spa



MLAI Salon Software provides GST and Non-GST billing for services, beauty products, and packages. An invoice is automatically sent to the client's phone via SMS, Email And WhatsApp.


Feedback And Rating

MLAI Salon Software comes with marketing tools integrated into the platform such as coupons, bulk SMS & emails. Choose the source of your leads to understand which marketing campaign is most effective.


Marketing that works

Send automated reminders and custom messages to clients about appointments and notify them of any changes. isalonspa Scheduling app is the best software for Salons and Spas.


Retain Clients

Providing a reminder to those who never respond is a good way to enhance your clientele. You can create a friendly relationship with your members by sending them birthday and anniversary SMS/Emails/WhatsApp.


Stock Made Simple

MLAI Salon Software reports each stock's current status, including what kind of beauty products were sold and how much was used in the salon. It then automatically reminds you when you are running low on stock and where to get more.


Staff Commission and Payroll

MLAI Salon Software manages payroll and commissions automatically. It makes adding the service provider's commissions and sales targets easy to each service and transaction.


Daily Reports

No matter how many salons you operate, MLAI Salon Software automatically sends you updates on billing, walk-ins, and expenses through email, and lets you export the information in MS Excel format.


Unlimited Access

There is no limit to how many employees, software users, clients, bills, products and services you can add to our software. There is no limit to the number of entries you can make to our software.

Key Features of MLAI Salon Management System / MLAI Spa Management System

Increase your Revenue & Client retention

Sell memberships to your clients and offer them permanent discounts on services based on their membership type. With our software, Salon / Spa owners can run a loyalty program that gives members discounts on specific packages & services. This has been proven to drive salon / Spa growth and increase customer retention rates.
Reward Points
People love add-ons or additional things for free. You can reward your customers with rewards points that can be used against services & packages. Gain more business opportunities from and reward your loyal customers. Boost your customer base, generate quality leads, and increase your salon’s / Spa's productivity with our easy to use the software.
Online Appointments
Create appointments and manage your business remotely with MLAI Salon Management Software / MLAI Spa Management Software. You can accept appointments online, saving valuable time and increasing customer satisfaction. You can easily grow and maximize your salon's / spa's profits with an online scheduling system that lets you manage your schedule and calendar hassle-free.

An online appointment booking system that makes appointment scheduling easy and convenient for salons, spas, and beauty clinics

  • A schedule of available stylists with open booking slots
  • Bookings can be made through the digital menu
  • The salon manager / spa manager can make a booking on behalf of the client
  • Automated appointment confirmation message via SMS / WhatsApp
With the MLAI Salon Management app / MLAI Spa Management App, you can save receipts from every service you perform. This allows you to become more organized every moment by saving receipts. You can also track customer debts and expenses.
  • Save a receipt for all your services
  • Create a database
  • Keep track of your receipts to get more organized every minute.
  • It is always possible to access your former invoices.
If you use MLAI Salon Management Appellant / MLAI Spa Management App , you can set up employee profiles so that your staff can have access to their schedules and even send automated reminders via SMS, and Emails. You can customize and allow access to parts of the software for them, too! Using our feature, you can track payroll easily and control your financial inventory. This feature is simple to access, easy to use, and easy to manage.
  • Detailed staff information and records.
  • A detailed database about your sales schedule and your staff's working hours.
  • Unlimited employee potential.
  • Set up your staff members' schedules and let them manage their appointments through the panel.
Your salon's / spa's finances can be tracked using MLAI Salon Management Software / MLAI Spa Management Software, which makes it easy to keep track of income and expenses. Payment methods are simple to use.
  • See your clients accounts
  • Keep an eye on your staff's financial accounts.
  • Keep track of income and expenses easily.
  • Use simple payment methods.
Keep your client schedules simple by using online booking software. Clients can make appointments on your website for free and at any time. You'll be able to retain your existing client. The MLAI Salon Management App / MLAI Spa Management App helps your salon grow effortlessly by increasing appointments and marketing.
  • A detailed cancellation and appointment information.
  • Detailed customer information
  • Detailed sales reports.
  • Improved client data protection.
  • See client appointment history in real-time.
Mobile App
You can control your salon / spa from anywhere with the MLAI Salon Management System / MLAI Spa Management system. You can access it from your phone or computer. Maintain consistency with your clients, inventory, and staff to maximize the growth of your salon / spa.
  • Get in touch with clients or your staff whenever you want.
  • Maintain contact with your staff wherever you are.
  • Manage your business through your mobile app.
  • Reach out to your clients or staff anytime you want.
Customer Feedback
After appointments, send automated emails to clients to boost client engagement.You can increase sales value by sending communicative messages / emails filtered by specific features by requesting service reviews. Use this feedback on your website and business panel.
  • Request customers for a review after their appointments by E-mail/WhatsApp
  • Staff can receive feedback on their services.
  • Use customer feedback on your web panel and business profile.
  • Track your customer feedback and add this to your panel.
You can market your salon / spa and communicate with your customers with MLAI Salon Management Software / MLAI Spa Management Software. You can reduce no-shows with automatic reminders for upcoming appointments. You can control your schedule, send out notifications and attract new customers. Customers can now schedule online. Make your salon / spa easily accessible, and grow your business.
  • Keep in touch with your customers.
  • Contact them in a way that you control and customize.
  • By E-mail/WhatsApp, you can share appointments, product information, and data.
  • Easy utilization features and accessibility with just one click.

Benefits of MLAI Salon Management System / MLAI Spa Management System

Online Appointment Booking

With MLAI Salon Management / MLAI Spa Management Software makes managing all of your salon / spa operations seamless. Managing your incoming and outgoing appointments is easier than ever. No more manual errors or no-shows. You are in control of your appointments at all times with instant booking and remote access.

  • A complete online scheduling toolkit.
  • A convenient panel for Salons / Spa & Clients.
  • 24/7 online booking
  • Automated confirmation to clients for their booking.

Advanced Reports

Managers get a clear understanding of the financial position of their business, as well as a comprehensive overview of the business objectives and progress. We deliver bespoke reporting tools that keep your business operations organized and detailed. It enables business reports and statistics to be viewed instantly and easily.

  • Track and manage your enterprise reports.
  • Manage your product report.
  • Detailed database of staff and client reports.
  • Track your service reports.

Inventory Management

Tracking and organizing inventories is one of the most challenging tasks when managing a business. Our software allows you access to information quickly, provides you with easy planning, and streamlines inventory management. Spend more time on providing a better customer experience by reducing the risk of overselling and avoiding excess inventory.

  • Manage stock levels and product histories.
  • Enhance productivity and generate real-time reports.
  • Manage any last-minute issue quickly.
  • Automated stock control.
  • Avoid common human errors.

Automated Mail Reminders and Notifications

Provides your clients with a variety of automated reminders, including appointment reminders, appointment details, booking status, birthday messages, and much more. The features are also available to your staff members. You can automate the reminders for your staff regarding upcoming, pending, and cancelled appointments. You can also digitalize your customer communication, and spend more time working on your business.

  • Enhance marketing strategy.
  • Eliminate costs and save time.
  • Reduce the potential for any errors.
  • Detailed digital reporting.

Salon CRM Software / Spa CRM Software

The Salon / spa software automatically reminds clients of their appointments, thereby reducing no-shows. All client information and appointment and purchase records can be accessed online.

  • Analyze the digital history of your visitors.
  • Get all of your client’s information in one place.
  • Send automated reminders and service reviews.
  • Manage your client data and grow your sales.