MLAI Solution Courier / Desk Management system

Desk Management system

MLAI Solution presents easy desk booking for the hybrid workplace & having the flexibility for employees to book a desk as and when they need it to suit their work-life needs.

Why do you need Desk Booking Software?

A desk booking solution allows employees to reserve a physical workstation at the office via any interface. They can access any software-enabled platform to:

  1. Provide greater flexibility to employees to choose when, where, and how to work
  2. Reduces costs by optimising the office space.
  3. Help maintain social distancing protocols
  4. Enhance employee productivity & collaboration

How it works:

  • Designate which desks are available

    It allows employees to determine which desks are available for booking, permanently assigned, or unavailable to maintain social distance

  • Book a personal space

    Employees can book a desk for the day in advance and have the flexibility to choose where to sit, depending on their daily work schedule.

  • Automatically seat teammates near each other

    Your coworkers may be on different schedules, but the MLAI desk system will allow you to stay connected. You can search for coworkers and find out where they're sitting, making your collaboration more accessible and productive.
  • Make intelligent decisions about your space

    You can right-size your layout to meet the needs of your team and minimize wastage of space by knowing who and how many employees will be working on-site each day.

  • Real-time Desk Availability & Booking Feature

    You can determine which desks are available to book based on your workplace's capacity and social distancing guidelines. You can update a virtual floor plan that shows real-time desk availability. Your employees can find the desks available for a day and book them directly from the app or web.

  • Organise your time better

    Through the MLAI app / web, employees can reserve a desk for the day or in advance. Once they've completed the health questionnaire, we'll automatically allocate them a desk, or they can select a different location if they'd like.
      It helps you plan your workweek.
      It helps you manage office capacity.

  • Usage Analytics & Report

    It's easy to ensure that your workstations are always used efficiently and consistently for your team with Desks Analytics. A real-time floor occupancy report keeps you informed of where your employees are sitting throughout the day.

Key Feature of MLAI Desk Booking Software

  1. Hot Desking: Provide your team with the option of choosing where they sit to maximise their productivity
  2. Desk Hoteling: Employees should be able to book a desk various days or even weeks in advance
  3. Unused desk protection: Employees should be allowed to relieve themselves of their desks when they don't need them so that no desk space gets wasted.
  4. Find your Co-workers fast: Highlight specific areas where teammates can sit near each other to work and collaborate.
  5. Flexible workspace: Desk assigned to an employee, but if that employee does not check-in that time / day, the desk gets released for other employees.
  6. Zones & Team: If you need to sit together with your colleagues in the office, you can have "neighbourhoods" where a specific team member can only reserve spaces to know you'll be with the right people before you arrive.
  7. Access to Employees & Team Managers: While employees can schedule and book their desks, team managers can also make bookings on their behalf. The desk booking schedules are visible to both, and they can do modifications.
  8. Sanitization Workflow: Sanitation workflows automate the process of cleaning desks immediately after use
  9. Workspace maps: Display an interactive map of your workspace so that employees can easily find and book their desks.
  10. Mobile app: Provide employees with easy access to finding desks by making the MLAI app.