MLAI Solution visitor-management-system process

Visitor Management System

Enterprises now-a-days have become more conscious of people mobility management as they are prone to threats and are concerned about the productivity of the employees. In addition, these companies have many visitors in a day. However, because of lack of visitor management solutions, they face challenges in controlling, monitoring, and maintaining their visitor’s flow, access and accurate database. Moreover, the conventional method of registration is dependent on the security guide for access to the restricted areas and pass generation of visitors. This makes the whole procedure fussy and prolonged. This lengthy system harms the hospitality of visitors. Such paper passes, without any access credentials, compromise the general safety.

MLAI VMS promotes a secure, smart and productive workplace. It is a one-stop solution for all your workplace reception management needs – from managing strangers to expected guests. It streamlines the entire visitor management process, from registration to the live status monitoring of the visitor, along with visit notifications and alerts. Provide a better hospitality experience to visitors with MLAI VMS.

ContactLess Visitor Meeting SCAN & Register

MLAI visitor management system not only performs the core job of checking in visitors. But it also does many things a pen and paper can't
  • • Contactless & QR code-based visitor check-in process. Covid-19 Screening for Visitors.
  • • OTP based visitor pass enables a faster and more secure check-in process.
  • • Management can view visitor details, including the history of past visits, with a click.
  • • The host will get notified through Email and SMS while the Visitor enters the premises.
  • • Visitor E-Pass & Gate-Pass generation
  • • Customisable Visitor badge pass printing with facility visitor regulations/disclaimers
  • • Make an appointment request for groups & individuals,
  • • Track daily appointments and expected visitors.
  • • Multi-level gate passes Visitor's approval workflow
  • • Enhanced visitor history tracking with visitor badges
  • • Real-time reports & analytics, visitor feedback, actionable insights
  • • Maintain a cloud-based visitor log
  • • Kindly keep photos of your visitors to help yourself identify them
  • • Capture signatures for NDAs and other legal agreements
  • • Receive notifications by SMS, email, and Slack when visitors arrive
  • • Enable two-way communication between employees and visitors
  • • Accept food deliveries and document drops

Covid-19 declaration

The platform gives organisations the flexibility to determine the screening requirements. It implements advanced features and integrations such as ID/passport scanners, access control systems, Fever Check, COVID questionnaires, and more, adding a higher level of security for your organisation.


Host Notification via multiple channels:

When a visitor check-in at the premises, the MLAI visitor management system instantly sends an automatic notification to the host, the Visitor is there to see. MLAI VMS can send information via email, text message. It allows each contact within your company to choose the notification channel(s) they prefer.


Host Reminder Notification

If the host doesn't immediately allow or deny its Visitor's arrival confirmation, MLAI VMS sends a reminder notification again.


Multilocation Check-In

Visitor data on multiple business locations with a centralised dashboard and view real-time visitor reports. Cloud-based visitor management enables handling numerous sites from a single platform for constant compliance and experience across your organisation. A centralised solution facilitates sharing of information and policies across various locations, fostering transparency and collaboration.


Visitor Overstay Alert

Visitor stays more than a given meeting duration time or does not check out from the premises, then an automatic alert notification gets delivered to the host & security person via SMS/Email.


Check-In & Check-Out

Visitor's verification takes place through OTP. Therefore, the details of the Visitor are accurate and cannot be tampered with. Along with the OTP verification, Third Eye captures the ID details of all the visitors who come to your premises for security reasons. It then stores them in the administrator portal to be easily retrieved whenever required.


Bypass Provision

If a senior official visitor has arrived, the system will generate the pass quickly, and they won't require the permission of the host to enter. If the host with whom the meeting is fixed is not present, then the system shall appoint another organisation's employee on the host's behalf.


Digital Visitor Log

None ever goes back to review paper visitor logs or takes the time to enter the data into a spreadsheet. But companies find many uses for digital visitor logs, from tracking visitors for security purposes to exporting lists of people in case of emergency; it's easy to follow visitors' check-in and check-out timings and records the purpose of visit from anywhere, anytime. Reports are auto-generated daily, weekly or monthly using custom data points.


Pre- Visitors Appointment

The host can always make a pre-appointment of their Visitor by giving the arrival details of their Visitor and notifying reception and security officials about their Visitor & it saves the host & Visitor's time too. G the check-in process even more accessible.


Allow/Deny Feature

When a visitor arrives, the host gives them a meeting confirmation through the Allow /Deny feature & after that visitor pass will be generated. By creating direct communication channels between hosts and visitors, this feature can reduce the time visitors spend waiting at reception and improve overall visitor first impressions with a user-focused, self-service check-in process.


Customise Visitor Badges:

Badge printing is the final stage of a Visitor Management solutions check-in process. Whether a visitor pre-registers or completes the check-in on arrival, customised ID badges can be printed in seconds as part of a modern Visitor Management solution. In some cases where Access Control integrations are initiated, ID badges are scanned at control points to gain access to zones configured to grant authorisation.


Sign Digital Forms

NDA's, legal forms and other forms signing requirements have been integrated into check-in workflows for visitors to sign before being granted site access. This feature is primarily used by organisations who want to improve data security and reduce the manual labour involved in the check-in process.


BlockVisitors / Blacklist visitors

Identifying visitors allows staff to prepare for unwanted circumstances. If someone has caused trouble in the past, they will identify it quickly. Blocking is an option if blocking a visitor is required. And if in future the same Visitor tries to check in, their name gets flashed under the blocked Visitor.


Integrate Third-Party Applications

For any future-proof solution on the market, it's essential to consider how well it integrates with other solutions. With Visitor Management solutions, the opportunity to integrate with Access Control and Watchlists can extend the functionality for security purposes. Additionally, internally used applications such as; DocuSign and Office 365 can be integrated into Visitor Management solutions to create a value-enhanced experience for employees.



This records the entry & exit across the facility, and information is retrieved by just scanning the QR Code, thus saving time for data re-entry.


Real-Time Report & Analytics

The detailed visitor reports provides users with visual insights that help improve role functions inside organisations. Search criteria such as Visitor Type, Entry Time, Departure Time, Visitor Name and Access Authorisation are provided in real-time to help security teams, receptionists and other employees identify data trends.


Covid-19 declaration and Arogya Setu app integration

Our visitor registration system enables visitors to sign the COVID-19 health declaration with details on symptoms, past travel and contact history. We provide information about the risk status of employees and visitors to the concerned teams.



Better Visibility
As visitor information remembers the login credentials in the MLAI visitor management system and captures a number verified through OTP & photo ID, it is possible to identify and track individuals on the premises. Because a visitor management system creates a photo ID for each Visitor, allowing reception staff to identify visitors quickly. You can also keep track of ongoing visitor activities and study visitor patterns. Visitors also can pre-register, allowing receptionists to be better prepared with information on them when they arrive.
Enhanced Brand Image
Integrating technology has become an essential part of a modern working environment. The presence of a visitor management system can give a technologically minded visitor a positive first impression of the company. Sometimes these features are required to attract the attention of potential customers, who may think more highly of the business. They also ensure that everyone on the premises feels secure and that anyone who enters the building behaves professionally..
Reinforced Branding
Most Modern Visitor Management solutions offer clients the opportunity to strengthen their branding in the front-end of the solution. We can customise hardware devices to display company colours, upload logos to the front-end of the resolution, and design screensaver rolls to match brand guidelines. These are just a few options available to organisations that want to integrate a Visitor Management solution fully.
Embracing Paperless
Traditional visitor management processes make creating and maintaining reception environments impossible. With an over-reliance on paper-based reporting, traditional methods require multiple hours of administrative labour and large quantities of paper to ensure third-party data is stored, filed and secured safely. The dependence on paper is eliminated with modern Visitor Management solutions, as visitor details are stored, filed and easily accessed in the solutions back-office. Should a third party wish to have their data purged or made anonymous after their site visit, receptionists or administrators can search for the guest's name or reference number and make the requested changes..
Increased Security
Settings can ensure that sensitive third-party information is securely stored and remains confidential inside the solutions back-office. They also limit data breach possibilities to only a few trusted individuals to ensure only authorised personnel get access to visitor data..
On-Site Transparency
Automated data records of third-party interactions and check-ins help organisations generate insights for internal and external use. Authorised personnel can create reports based on the solution's capabilities and the captured information. These reports can be highly advantageous when it's necessary to document on-site arrivals and departures from secure zones, how many times an individual checked in and out and who were they to meet with on-site..
Increased Productivity
Keeping in line with mentions in 'Increased Office Efficiency', groups and large parties can be pre-registered in the back-office before their arrival on-site. Once pre-registered, individuals can streamline their on-site check-in experience by inputting their reference details before alerting their arrival host. While self-service check-in options are beneficial to visitors and other third parties, receptionists experience one of the most dynamic productivity shifts. They can alleviate the burden of processing visitor check-ins and allocate more time to completing other tasks..
Increased Check-In Efficiency
Different departments' digital transformation has permanently changed daily operations throughout organisations. Traditional paper systems are not helpful due to susceptibility to human error and the resources involved in manually inputting and maintaining such systems in line with compliance. Digital Visitor Management solutions offer defined data capturing workflows and data protection protocols. Digital visitor solutions make check-in processing more efficient, secure and productive, setting clear roles for employees and visitors..
Total On-Site Transparency
When security personnel are in high demand, they can account for every individual on-site. Organisations are now looking at how they can protect property, information and, most importantly, employees. Automated visitor processing helps prevent guests who do not have security clearance from accessing the building and can also perform security checks on scheduled guests. Security and management can use this as a highly effective tool to protect their organisation's safety.
Centralised Security Management
With variations across different facilities and organisations operating from other existing security systems, many organisations favour a visitor system that offers centralised control. It authorises standardising security and operational procedures across multiple sites and geographical locations. Digital security systems integrate existing security measures and flexibility across an organisation while allowing management to oversee security operations from a central platform..
A sound system will save you money
Streamlining and automating visitor registration means that processing the cost of each Visitor is reduced; over time, this can mean significant cost savings. Some expenses are more difficult to measure, such as those associated with a security breach–with an automated system..
Visibility and accountability
Modern visitor management software allows you to identify anyone in your building at any given time. Additionally, most systems will allow your staff to detail and study various visitor patterns..
Improved Security
Enhanced safety is one of the most important benefits of a visitor management system. Any organisation, company or workplace needs to be aware of everything within the premises. Identifying visitors allows staff to prepare for any unwanted circumstance. If someone has caused trouble in the past, we can identify them quickly. The system also ensures that visitors can only enter authorised areas. One key benefit of a visitor management system is promptly accessing a complete list of all staff, visitors and contractors on-site for use in an emergency. There is no need to fumble through enormous paper lists of everyone on the premises; MLAI gives you instant access to a complete emergency evacuation list.
Reduced Overheads
One of the primary benefits of a visitor management system is how enhanced productivity and efficiency lead to reduced costs. For example, a visitor management system can eliminate the costs associated with traditional visitor management. There is no need to purchase new paper visitor book badges, reducing recurring costs. A visitor management system increases productivity and offers a great return on investment by reducing running costs. While this is not a list of every single one of the benefits of a visitor management system, we hope it has highlighted some of the advantages of implementing a visitor management system in your workplace that you might not have been aware of.
Modernised Reception
There is a stark difference between a traditional guest log and a Visitor Management solution. Not only does a Visitor Management solution look more professional and aesthetically pleasing, but with consistent future-proof development, it is also infinitely more productive and efficient.
Reduced Waiting Times
Organisations can effectively reduce visitor waiting times with host notifications. Instant notifications are one of the most value-adding features of modern Visitor Management solutions for hosts and visitors alike. With rich media messaging options such as; text, email, Slack, and Skype, hosts can stay informed and send improved communication with plenty of communication options..
Increased Office Efficiency:
Many Visitor Management solutions can create and design unique. Empowering visitors and other guests to register, make badges, sign compliance documents, and alert hosts without requiring assistance can reduce check-in times. If an organisation wishes to streamline their check-in process further, the website sends pre-registration forms to third parties before their scheduled meeting. Once the Visitor completes the pre-registration form and arrives on-site, they can enter their name or allocated reference code to alert the host of their arrival. This feature can be hugely beneficial for events, conferences or large meetings, helping organisations process high volumes of visitors in a detailed and efficient manner..
Threat Mitigation
The concept of sending all visitors to a check-in device encourages threats to engage with a solution that can identify them in the future. With integrations like Watch Lists, security personnel can be alerted of potential threats on-site. With an ambition of avoiding detection, threats would alternatively have to attempt bypassing security without raising suspicions. While they may deter threats from venturing further on-site without checking in, the ones that do, are identified by security teams because of a lack of a badge.
Contractor Management
Contractors can be on-site as often as full-time employees, and when they are, it isn't always easy to monitor their movements, access authority levels or time on-site. In most cases where traditional Visitor Management processes are in place, contractors entrusted by organisations remain inside authorised zones and bill accurately. When a Visitor Management solution configures catering to contractors and other visitor types, qualified personnel grant access to critical details inside the VMS back-office such as time and attendance, real-time location, access authority and legal compliance and more, ensuring efficient in line management of contractors with relevant compliance rules.
Unique and Innovative Experiences
With an increasingly tech-savvy culture, people expect to be impressed by organisations that use technology in new and innovative ways. A visitor management system can enhance visits to your facility for clients and other valued stakeholders. Visitor management provides an alternative to confusion, mix-ups and waiting times for guests that naturally occur with manual systems and instead greets visitors with a smooth process from start to finish.
Detailed Reporting Insights
Have you ever thought about your organisation's daily data? Companies use significant data analytics trends to identify patterns that can grow and develop their business activities. Intelligent visitor management follows the same principles of repurposing the data collected by the system to offer insights that can optimise security procedures and identify visitor patterns. Generating reports can offer insights into your organisation's different visitors and employee activities..
Visitor management software will quickly improve building security and employee safety
The security of your facilities and the safety of your people are critical, and they have become a high priority for most organisations. Software-based lobby security provides the extra protection you require by identifying visitors quickly and accurately.
Visitor management software increases efficiency
Think about the inefficient paper-based systems mentioned above. Now, consider a system that uses state-of-the-art cameras, scanners, and software to screen your visitors while quickly registering and badging them, even as you make them feel welcome. Your lobby staff will also save time, as they can pre-register visitors and get automatic notification of their arrival.
Flexibility and the ability to grow with your business
A sound visitor tracking system is highly flexible and scalable. It can be easily customised to fit your growing needs. Our own MLAI system can be customised, updated, and serviced quickly through a direct, ongoing service relationship with us. It's simple to make the changes you need when you need them. Saving time, minimising error and looking more professional are just a few of the benefits of visitor management software. Learn how a secure visitor management system can benefit your organisation if front desk reception is the first experience visitors have at your organisation. How you check them impacts how they perceive you and how safe your employees feel. Whether your organisation is a large corporation or a small family-run business, we recommend using visitor management software to save you time, money and effort knowing who is on-premises.