MLAI Solution Guard Patrolling System

Guard Patrolling System

iiiEye has created a bespoke Guard Patrolling System for the next level. After gaining a grasp of the industries' demands and requirements, we may concentrate on them. Our solutions are ready to use for security guard companies/agencies, retail establishments, business buildings, warehouses, and more applications that will be released in the future.

Guard Patrolling System is a QR Code-based platform that allows for application mobility and ease of use. It's generic in nature, allowing users to get the most out of the software with the least amount of effort.

Guard Patrolling System Key Features

  1. Location based Guard Management.
  2. Location based QR Code for Guard Patrolling.
  3. Track Guarding Patrolling 24X7 from the Manager Panel.
  4. Track Live Patrolling of Guard.
  5. Plant Guard Patrolling Management.
  6. Guard Patrolling Details Report.
  7. Multiple Location based Guard Patrolling.