MLAI Solution Feedback Management System

Feedback Management System

When scanning a feedback QR code using a smartphone, it will direct your customers to an online form that will allow them to leave their reviews about your business.

A QR code for feedback will allow you to collect your customers’ feedback right away and in real-time, just using their smartphone devices.

Once your customers scan your QR code, they will be redirected to the feedback form online to fill out the customized feedback form you have created.

You can collect the data of your feedback in real time.

MLAI - Feedback Management System

  1. Attractive and easy-to-use interface.
  2. Set up location-specific (washrooms, cafeteria,reception, mall, shop, office,railway station etc.) feedback questions.
  3. Reduce operational/maintenance costs through instant corrective action for faulty equipment.
  4. End-users/occupants can leave comments against negative feedback provided.
  5. Real-time feedback dashboard.
  6. Feedback analytics via dashboards based on the average rating of all feedbacks and transactional reports.