MLAI Restaurant Management System

MLAI Restaurant Management System

What is Restaurant Management System?

In simple terms, restaurant management software is a set of programs designed to automate restaurant operations, thus reducing the dependency on human staff. Using restaurant management software, you will be able to manage the entire range of operations - which includes table management, order management, menu creation and management, inventory management, and customer loyalty management. A restaurant management program should also provide real-time reports which allow you to make informed decisions about the operations of your restaurant.


Why do restaurants need a Restaurant Management System?

The operation of a restaurant can seem overwhelming at times, posing a wide range of challenges for both the owner and the staff involved. The following are some of the tasks that a restaurant management system can assist with:

  • Management of menu items and sale bills
  • Improve employee experience by reducing manual efforts
  • Process orders faster by generating kitchen order tickets (KOTs)
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by providing discounts and loyalty rewards.
  • Monitor your inventory constantly and send alerts when restocking is necessary.
  • Safe and secure data access from anywhere, anytime
  • Get actionable insights through real-time reports

Restaurant management system vs Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS

  • Restaurant point-of-sale (POS) software is the basic requirement for every type of restaurant.
  • It allows the restaurant staff to create and manage menus, record transactions, and process payments
  • Generally, it is a suitable choice for smaller restaurants, such as snack shops, juice shops, and quick-service restaurants (QSRs)

Restaurant Management System

  • A restaurant management system, on the other hand, is a package of software that enables restaurants to automate all aspects of their operations.
  • The restaurant management software can supply additional features to the staff of the restaurant besides the functionality offered by the restaurant POS system, such as order management, inventory management, marketing management and table management.
  • Several restaurants can benefit from having a restaurant management system, whether it is a conventional dine-in restaurant, cloud kitchen or a chain of restaurants - where the scale of operations is larger and it is necessary to monitor and manage various aspects of the business, such as ingredient stock, recipe management, order processing, customer experience, finances and monitoring performance.

Key Features of an MLAI Restaurant Management System

It is important to understand the key features of a good restaurant management system to simplify and make the process of choosing one simple and straightforward

Table management
The management of restaurant tables can easily become a nightmare for restaurant owners if they are not properly organized. Generally, restaurant management systems will have provisions for directing customers to the available tables, along with mapping the waiting staff to the relevant tables.
Menu & recipe management
The software for restaurants also provides a provision for recording & storing menu items, their recipes and the corresponding supply lists required to prepare them, along with a corresponding recipe book. It also allows flexibility to add or delete items based on the availability of the dish or the ingredients.
Order management
To ensure the success of a restaurant business, kitchen operations need to be streamlined. Restaurant management software must have a kitchen order ticket (KOT) generator to enable order processing to be as fast and efficient as possible.
Inventory management
In reality, food does not have a very long shelf life, nor is it an inexpensive resource. A restaurant's success greatly depends on its ability to order the right quantity of the right ingredients at the right time. The restaurant owner or kitchen staff can keep track of their stock by installing restaurant management software.
Finance & accounting management
The cornerstone of good restaurant management software is the financial management part of it since a restaurant must track every transaction and generate bills with as little hassle as possible when it comes to the billing process. Having a tax management feature installed at your restaurant will ease the burden on the owner during tax season.
Customer relationship management
There will be some challenges that any restaurant will face when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. To improve customer experience, it is imperative to reward loyal customers and motivate new customers with special incentives. Using the right restaurant management software, you can manage your marketing effectively to achieve that goal.
Delivery management
As the majority of restaurant revenue is derived from online orders, the majority of a business is derived from customers who prefer to order food online at a time and place that works for them. Moreover, the use of a restaurant software system that has an online ordering feature helps restaurants aggregate these orders and save time, effort and money.

Benefits of using Restaurant software

Installing a restaurant software can benefit your business in more ways than one:

  • Ensure a pleasant customer experience by reducing wait times
  • By providing the best possible experience for your external customers as well as internal customers, i.e., your employees, you can increase restaurant revenues.
  • Save costs and minimize food wastage
  • Know your best-selling dishes & recommend them to your customers
  • Maintain a consistent level of service quality
  • Maintain stocks and ensure smooth operation of the restaurant promptly
  • Make sure you track every transaction and plan your expenses based on accurate information
  • Enhance your profitability by understanding and monitoring your cost and selling price
  • You can attract new consumers and convert your loyal customers into brand advocates by giving the customers discounts

Desktop App & Offline POS

Now you can manage orders from your desktop or laptop PC, with or without the internet. For using MLAI restaurant management system software on a desktop, you will need a web version of the software. Because it is not a self-sustaining system. You will find the following features,

  • Place Orders
  • Manage Online orders
  • Create an Invoice
  • Print Invoice.
  • Online Data synchronization

QR Code Scanner

QR Scanning is a new technology that enables restaurants to manage contactless orders received from dine-in customers through the QR code scanning system. With this module, your customers can place an order from the table by scanning the QR image of the digital menu that you have provided.

  • Contactless ordering from the dine-in table
  • Real-time order update in the POS
  • Order Accept & Reject option from admin end
  • Order bill collection via cash or payment gateway.
  • Option to edit and update existing orders.
  • Digital menu system
  • Supported by any type of mobile device
  • Previous Order remembering option for an existing customer.
  • Real-time order update status on the customer device

Restaurant POS Software

To manage orders for the restaurant, one of the most important components is the restaurant point-of-sale software. The Restaurant POS window has all the tools you need at your fingertips to manage the order from beginning to end. The features of the Restaurant POS Software are as follows:

  • Take orders from the customer
  • Manage online orders
  • Check the food list.
  • Token printing system.
  • Online order notification.
  • Manage ongoing orders.
  • Assign a customer to a waiter
  • Find today‚Äôs orders.
  • Print invoice for complete orders.

Order Management System

One of the most important features of any restaurant management software is its order management system. This is the reason why MLAI has an order management feature that assists you in managing customer orders more effectively. The feature will also make sure that all order related activities are handled automatically. There are four different lists available for managing orders.

  • Order list
  • Pending order list
  • Complete order
  • Cancel order

Product Management System

MLAI has a dynamic product management system that enables you to manage all your products in one place. With this software, you can manage all of your product efficiently. Also, you can manage your product lists as well as new products with this software.

Purchase Management System

It is very important for your business that you make the right purchase. To help you with your purchase, MLAI offers an exciting feature. The purchase of a restaurant can happen at any time and any location. To ensure proper service, you will have to purchase ingredients or utilities according to the requirements.


Dashboards are one of the most important components of any software. To bring all the necessary information about your business to your fingertips, we build a truly useful dashboard for you. The following list will be provided to you.

  • Latest Order.
  • New Reservation
  • Latest Online Order.
  • Monthly business overview
  • Monthly sales graph

Real-time Reports

For a restaurant, creating reports is one of the most important things that they can do. However, it takes a lot of time to do it. Alternatively, this software can make real-time reports as well, which is a very useful feature. Also, it is capable of making reports that are both accurate and error-free. You will find it.

  • Purchase Report
  • Stock Report (Product wise)
  • Stock Report (Kitchen)
  • Sell Report

Table Reservation

For any restaurant management system, table reservations are one of the most important factors to consider. There has been a tradition that if a customer wants to book a table, he or she will have to call the helpline and book the reservation. On the other hand, using this software, you can also accept an online order from a customer, and customers can also reserve a table through a mobile application.


Payment method

Today, several payment methods can be used. Restaurant billing software supports multiple payment gateways so that it can receive payments from different payment gateways at the same time. There is:

  • Paytm
  • Gpay
  • Phonepay
  • Card payment through Payment Gateway

Human Resources Management

You must have the proper human resources management when you start your own restaurant business. Across the board, the human resources department has a lot of work to do, from hiring and firing to terminating and resigning employees. Therefore, MLAI software can help you efficiently perform these tasks. And you can count there,

  • Attendance
  • Employee
  • Payroll
  • Leave
  • Leave
  • Salaries

Shipping Method

There are different kinds of shipping methods that you can choose from. Using this section, you can appropriately declare your shipping methods. Your products will also follow this method in the course of their preparation to be shipped to the destination when they are being prepared for shipping.

Unit & Ingredient

With the help of this software, you will be able to calculate your restaurant unit measurements and find out the ingredients that you use in your recipes. You will be able to easily find out what foods contain what number of ingredients. All you have to do is update your ingredient list with the dish or food item you want to cook. Additionally, you will be able to understand the amount of each ingredient required for the preparation of any food. Using this software, you can provide yourself with a visual report of your kitchen's performance.


Android App Integration

At present, customers are more likely to order online rather than place an order offline. This software enables you to integrate an Android application for smoothly operating the online order system. Therefore, you can use MLAI software in combination with three different applications to get this functionality. They are:

  • Customer App
  • Waiter App
  • Kitchen App

Customer App

In the present day, online ordering has become very popular. In addition to this, food can also be purchased online with fast delivery services. The MLAI app can also be used to place orders online. By using the app, customers will have access to the following features:

  • Place order
  • Check menu
  • Reserve a table
  • Find offers
  • Rewards &Loyalty Points
  • Make favourite food list
  • Check order list

Waiter App

To become a smart restaurant, you will need smart technology. There's even an app available for the waiter within this software package. With this app, a waiter can perform the following tasks:

  • Take orders
  • List of pending order
  • Get a notification for new online order
  • List of processing order
  • Graphical order history
  • List of complete order
  • Graphical amount history
  • Order receiving system
  • List of the cancelled order

Kitchen App

Using this app, you will be able to communicate with your kitchen. A few of the features of the MLAI kitchen app include:

  • Get orders from admin or waiter
  • Accept orders
  • Food status notification

As soon as the admin or waiter sends a request for food to the kitchen, it will be accepted by the users of the kitchen app. After that, they can update the food status to processing. After the food is ready to serve. The user updates the status to complete.