MLAI Solution School Management Software


SMART E-CAMPUS School Management System is THE ANSWER to today's modernized schools. It is a paperless system with management software that gives you the ease to take out the everyday school tasks faster, adequate, easier and defined. Tasks like admission filing, management of fees, accounting, distribution of timetable and assignments to kids which are extremely tiresome and time consuming can now be done effortlessly and meticulously, saving a lot of time. It helps the staff in evaluate, administer, and make reports very easily. This also saves a lot of money, work force and money.

The SAMRT E-CAMPUS has made it easier to bring parents, their kids, and teachers on a common online platform where they can interact with each other. It helps you carry through your daily tasks in the school with a lot of ease and accuracy in a lesser amount of time.

Why is IT a school Management System Required?

As you must be thinking that why will a school require a management system at all? Unlike corporate companies, they do not need such systems to manage their resources in a better way. By corporate here, we are talking about the multi-national level companies who have many other companies under them and therefore, need a proper management system to regulate them. But we still didn't get our answer to the question that why is school management system is required?

The answer my friend, is quite simple. Just like the multi-national companies, a school too is an organization, which has a lot of branches of resources escalated in diverse directions. These branches are- teachers, students, admin staff, clerical department, and the any other different departments in the school campus. In order to have a proper management that is effective and successful, all the above-mentioned branches need to be managed properly. And in order to many any organization in a proper way, one of the most important factor is having a cutting-edge plan of- how are you going to manage the resources.


  • The SMART E-CAMPUS School Management System.
  • MYSQL Database storage system.
  • Characterstics of SMART E-CAMPUS
  • If any executive is taking too much time, you can simply send the reminder on a single click.
  • Admin can access to smart E-Campus data anytime & from anywhere.