MLAI Solution Courier / Desk Management system

Courier service Management system

MLAI Solution presents Courier service Management system. The process of organising last-mile delivery operations is known as courier management. Order deliveries are scheduled and assigned to couriers, and operations are monitored, routes are planned and optimised, cars are monitored, fuel is managed, and courier expenditure approvals are handled.

Courier service Management system Features

You will not be competitive unless you have a courier delivery management system. A courier delivery management system, or CMS, is a piece of business software that streamlines the management and routing of couriers. All of the following duties are made easier with a CMS.

  • Routing delivery routes and optimising them
  • Tracking and scheduling couriers
  • Examining the performance of couriers
  • During the delivery service, packages are tracked.
  • Keeping customers up to date