MLAI Solution Corporate Travel & Expense Management System

Travel & Expense Management System

MLAI Corporate Travel & Expense Management System is a Globally Access Software that streamlines & simplifies every step of the Corporate Travel Bookings process involved in employee travel & expense right from the time travel gets planned, Taxi Booking, Tour Booking, Expenses Made, Expense Approvals, and Settlement & Reimbursement process easier for Employees & Finance team.

It provides visibility into Travel & Expense Management spending allowing live monitoring of employees’ travel expenditure on a unified platform. With an all-in-one automated Travel & Expense Management System, you can ensure business expenses and claims are paid by the employer promptly.

MLAI Travel & Expense Management System simplifies auditing your business expenses quickly and sets up policies to limit overspending in business travel. Increase productivity, ensure travel policy compliance and minimize costs associated with travel expenses.

MLAI Travel & Expense Management System is a cloud-based software that makes the claim settlement & reimbursement process easier for employees & finance team. It allows your employees to scan and submit receipts for quick reimbursement & maintains the online records of bills & receipts. It saves your employees from the inconvenience of keeping printed bills and receipts till claim settlement.

Speed Up Approval Workflows

  1. The uniqueness of our software lies in supporting multi-department and multi-level approval workflows based on the company requirements. You also get multiple pre-configured workflows to map your needs.
  2. MLAI Corporate Travel Management is one of the best travel and expense management software in the market. Approve expense reports with audit trails and reduce turnaround time for reimbursements.
  3. Allow managers to analyze travel and expense data, such as recent travel history, travel frequency, total travel expense etc of each subordinate in a month.

Travel Requests As Per An Employee’s Preferences

MLAI Travel & Expense Management System allows your employees to create travel requests according to their preferences

Create, submit, and approve expenses instantly using a mobile device or desktop. Moreover, employees get options like taxi booking, tour bookings, pre-approved travel plans, on-trip invoice submission, and so on. Flexibility in the process makes employees feel valued and satisfied.

Pre-Trip, Post-Trip, Or On-Trip Approvals

MLAI Travel & Expense Management System implements a well-organized process where employees can add their estimated expenses prior, post, or during the business trip.

Once the request is approved, the employee receives the advance amount for business travel. This makes it easy for employees to pay the bills without spending their own money


Observe The Variation In Submitted And Claimed Expense

MLAI Travel & Expense Management System offers a dashboard that displays the total amount applied before the travel and amount claimed after the trip.

This feature helps HOD, HR, and leaders to view the variation in expense submitted or claimed.

The expense variations are identified easily and timely corrective actions are taken to control costs.

Complete Visibility On Travel Spend

MLAI Travel & Expense Management System provides analytics and reporting tools that generate reports in just a few clicks. User-friendly dashboards give insights on travel expenditure, budgeting, policy compliance, and more


Customized Travel And Expense Process

  1. Travel and expense management is made easy with the flexibility to customize travel policies, allocate travel funds and authorize expenditures on each travel
  2. MLAI Corporate Travel Management travel and expense software customize travel approval workflow as per your company’s requirements. The software also provides flexibility to set up grade-wise privileges for travel, lodging, and other expenses.

Online E-receipt Management With MLAI Corporate Travel Management Software For Expenses Management

With MLAI Travel & Expense Management System, business travellers can claim expenses even on the move. They can capture receipts online via mobile, attach them with the claim request and do away with paper bills.

The software is equipped with web and mobile-enabled features. This makes it easy to claim an expense against authorized travel plans and create an expense sheet.


MLAI Corporate Travel Management – Key Features

  1. Submit travel plan & request for advance.
  2. Configurable trip categories for expense segregation.
  3. View trip status i.e., upcoming/completed/current/closed
  4. Configurable expense categories & approval workflow
  5. Advance Requests before the start of the trip and during the trip
  6. Issue travel advance
  7. Spend in cash or credit card and upload receipts/take photo
  8. Automated multi-level approval routing workflow
  9. View/track expense approval status
  10. Automated email reminders/notifications on pending approvals
  11. Allows tracking of personal expenses
  12. Quick reimbursement/settlement of personal money spent
  13. raphical dashboard to display Advance Received, Money Spent, Returned, Approved & Pending Expense Claims