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iKiranaStore - Online Grocery Store Management Software

Our iKiranaStore - Online Grocery Store Management Software allows you to manage all your business processes easily and efficiently directly from the back office. We deliver data and information across our organization instantaneously, from pricing to sales analysis, to inventory management, to campaign management, so that your organization has a quick overview of what is going on in your business in real-time and that you can take timely and informed decisions.

What does iKiranaStore - Online Grocery Store Management Software do?

The iKiranaStore - Online Grocery Store Management Software helps you to digitize your groceries, customize your digital invoices, and send them directly to your customers. GST & other taxes relevant to your transactions are calculated automatically during billing as well as helping you with the GST return filing to simplify the entire process.


How to install the iKiranaStore - Online Grocery Store Management Software in your shop?

As a first step, our technical team will be responsible for the implementation of the software for iKiranaStore - Online Grocery Store Management Software, whether they are online or offline. This software is user-friendly; one can easily begin to work on it after watching the demo. Whenever you may require assistance, our team will be available to assist you.

What are the advantages of iKiranaStore - Online Grocery Store Management Software?

  1. Fast Barcode/ MRP wise Billing
  2. Attached Cash Drawer
  3. Touch POS Integration
  4. Rack & Stock Management
  5. Fast Barcode/ MRP wise Billing
  6. Weighing Scale Attachment
  7. GST Billing & Return Filing
  8. Online Banking & Digital Payments
  9. Home Delivery for customer
  10. Take Away facility for customer
  11. Loyalty Point, Discount & Scheme Management

Can iKiranaStore - Online Grocery Store Management Software customize?

Yes. As part of our service to our customers, we provide them with the capability of customizing software according to their business needs.

With iKiranaStore - Online Grocery Store Management Software, you can communicate with your customers through an interactive dashboard, launch a range of promotional campaigns, and control your delivery fleet from the most interactive interface.

Multi-Lingual Smart Search : A key feature of the iKiranaStore software is its ability to provide quick search features in regional languages as well as enable auto-completion of phrases on its own, based on the search phrase entered.

Stock Availability & Real-Time Notifications : A software program is used to check the availability of stock automatically. In addition to receiving notifications about order status, discounts and stock status, customers will also be notified of new items.

Increase Sales & Brand Awareness

Run Banners and Promotions : Our application allows you to highlight offers and promotions clearly on your homepage and these banners can be adjusted as convenient to your needs.

Discount Coupons & Promotions : By using the iKiranaStore website and mobile app, you can help encourage shoppers to buy more groceries from your e-commerce store through product-based and discount-based promotion campaigns.

Referral System : You can use our software to increase your sales by rewarding shoppers who invite their friends to visit your online retail store by rewarding for their referrals.


Improve Customer Experience & Conversion Rate

Single Page Checkout : The iKiranaStore software application enables users to specify a delivery address, choose delivery options, review orders, and make payments online-all from one single screen.

Schedule Monthly Cart : With our iKiranaStore software, you can create a grocery list so that you know what you need every day. Then, you can schedule recurring subscriptions so that they automatically arrive on a specified day and time of the month.

Payment Processing Options : Customers can choose from a variety of payment options, such as online payment, Cash on Delivery, and Pickup when using iKiranaStore software.

Increase Customer Engagement & Drive Traffic with iKiranaStore - Online Grocery Store Management Software

Social Media Login & Account Setup : With the iKiranaStore software, users can log in & set up accounts on mobile devices. In addition, shoppers may log in to the site using their Facebook, Google Plus, and other social media accounts.

Review & Rating System : We provide shoppers with the ability to review their purchases as well as the opportunity to leave comments, which in turn has a major impact on your online sales. The iKiranaStore App & Website also display product reviews and ratings.

Mobile Responsive/Native Apps : We offer support for a wide range of mobile devices through the iKiranaStore software. Develop mobile & tablet optimized stores and be capable of reaching all consumers anywhere they go, no matter what device or platform they are connected to.


Build Trust & Track Performance

Schedule a Convenient Delivery Time : iKiranaStore offers its customers a mobile app and website which allows them to place orders and select a delivery slot as per their convenience as they place their orders.

Real-Time Tracking of Orders : iKiranaStore allows you to track your orders and receive them on a real-time basis, making sure that there is no inconvenience between the order placement and delivery, and reducing the likelihood of a delivery being missed.

Return & Replacement : iKiranaStore software permits quick and easy return and replacement of products. Shoppers can initiate the returns & replacements process from their accounts and receive a refund as soon as the process has been initiated.

Build Trust & Track Performance

Business Mobile Apps : Stay connected to all of your order information and receive real-time updates on your mobile device. The iKiranaStore App allows you to manage and complete orders, receive payments, and view outstanding orders on the go.

Place Online Order : The iKiranaStore Web application enables you to view, check & compare local distributors along with their products, offers, schemes, etc. and to place an order directly from your mobile & computer.

Bills,O/s on Whatsapp : Ensure that you are notified promptly. iKiranaStore software facilitates the quick and easy delivery of invoices, outstanding payments, stock and sale analyses, and various other reports to customers via WhatsApp, thereby avoiding resource and time wastage during printing.

Online Purchase Import : There is no need to feed a manual purchase. Import bills from Excel, CSV or PDF spreadsheets to save time and make your business more efficient. Identify items/products using existing items or map them with new items.

Billing in Multiple Languages : Enhance your sales by designing customized invoices in any local language, such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, etc. at your convenience. In addition to that, you can design a header and print items/products in the invoices of your customers in their own of any Language they choose so that they can stay in touch with you.

Multiple Store Management : With our all-in-one solution, you will have complete control over all of your retail operations, including billing, stock control, and balance sheet. You can manage inventory based on MRP, category, item, and code. Ensure that cash is reconciled across all of your stores. You can get detailed sales reports and push the right stock to the right stores at the right time.

Effortless Accounting : With a fully integrated accounting solution, you will be able to streamline your finances and accounting from 'Billing to Balance Sheet' to increase your business performance.

Key Features

Barcode/ MRP wise Billing
You can speed up your billing process by utilizing quick searches, shortcuts, scanning barcodes and other techniques. The MRP system will help you ensure that all sales and purchases are properly handled and you manage all invoices and bills, and also track payments.
Touch / POS Integration
With the help of the Touch Screen POS system, you can create a bill instantly and increase the efficiency of your business. You can check your daily reports, get a complete history of your customers, track your products in one click, and a lot more.
Rack Management
Manage stocks of multiple items rack-by-rack, and generate stock reports based on what is kept in which rack at the time of billing, since you can easily identify which items are kept in which rack.
Weighing Scale Attachment
While billing at the counter, the weighing machine will automatically select the quantity at the register with one simple click on the button. Therefore, there is no need to enter the information manually, thus reducing the possibility of errors.
Stock Management
You need to keep track of your stock, set reorder points, and keep your inventory up to date. The iKiranaStore Software with a flexible expiry management system & inventory tracking system will integrate your entire grocery store operation with ease.
GST Compliant Solution
With iKirana Software you can automate the process of GST billing and e-invoicing with ease. Using this software, you can generate your E-way Bill, file GST Returns, and compute and calculate your TCS & TDS. Conduct an internal audit to ensure that all of your reports are accurate.
Online Banking & Reconciliation
With iKiranaStore ERP integrating with the bank, you can experience all of the benefits of online banking. Manage all types of bank transactions, including the NEFT, RTGS, and automatic bank reconciliation with more than 50+ banks.
Digital Payments
We help merchants attract a more tech-savvy customers by accepting digital payments through UPI, payment cards, credit cards, wallets and dynamic QR codes. Ensure that there is no revenue loss and perform Bill-by-Bill reconciliation with iKiranaStore.
Home Delivery
We never compromise on the security of our customers and provide 100% protection with Home Delivery, QR Code Ordering, Online Ordering options, and receipt of Digital Payments in a matter of seconds.
Loyalty Point System
The loyalty rewards program is an integral part of your Grocery store's marketing strategy. It is possible to take advantage of points and discounts that are built into the iKirana Store software. Keep your customer engaged by giving them loyalty points, so that they will continue to shop with you.
Discount & Scheme Management
Boost sales at your Retail Grocery Shop with the help of multiple discounts and scheme options, such as item discounts, bill discounts, and combo offers.