MLAI Solution File Management System


MLAI File Management System is a software that manages digital data in a fundamentally reliable and efficient way. Therefore, MLAI File Management System is effective to enhance the overall functionality of a business's workflow. This system organizes important data and provides a searchable database so that users can access it easily and quickly.

Features of MLAI File Management System

With the help of a MLAI file management system, employees can increase their productivity and efficiency by increasing their day-to-day efficiency and productivity:

1. Access Control

With different permission levels (previewer, viewer, editor, upload-only), you can share documents, folders, or even entire accounts. Create groups of collaborators to share documents with multiple individuals at the same time.

2. Powerful Search with QR Code & Barcode

Our cloud-based MLAI File Management System provides a powerful live search feature so that you can search for documents not only by file name but also by the content of the documents using QR Code & Barcode Technology. PDFs, Docx files or even screenshots and scans of documents are now thoroughly searchable!

3. Approval Workflow & Automated Retention

Is it necessary for an invoice, vacation application, or another document to be approved by one or more individuals before moving forward? Not a problem! You can invite other individuals to review & approve the document and provide comments. This can be done in a set order or at once. Getting and tracking approvals has never been easier! As an option, you can specify a retention period for any of the folders and files - in days, weeks, months, or years!

4. Document Numbering, Notifications & Audit Trails

Automate the naming of documents according to the scheme you specify. Whenever you choose, you can set and receive automatic notifications about changes to documents or folders. The audit trail records every action of every user for accountability purposes.

5. Custom Metadata & File Linking

Organize your documents by including tags, notes, dates and due dates. You can easily create new metadata fields of various types, including lists, checkboxes, and more! You can also link files in different folder structures, creating relationships between documents. You can also define metadata templates at the folder level

6. File Versions

Upload a new version of a document and all existing metadata as well as all previous versions of the document are preserved and are always accessible with just one click! You can lock a document to prevent others from editing it while you are editing it on your computer with the check-in/check-out feature. Furthermore, it is possible to approve each version of a document independently.

7. Reminders

Set up a reminder whenever you need a notification at a specific time and date. As many reminders as you wish may be added and each may be notified by a different email address.

8. Import Documents Over E-mail

Simply send an email to that address and the attached file will be placed in the designated folder along with the sender, subject, and content information. Simple to use, and it is perfect for storing documents on the move or for scanning them into your file management system.

9. Subsidiaries Supported

Under your primary account role, you can create an unlimited hierarchy, but you may also create separate spaces for your branch companies. Consequently, you may have one for each company or division within your organization. Unless you wish to allow access to multiple companies, the teams and data are kept separately.

10. Mobile-Friendly MLAI File Management System

MLAI online document management system allows you to access your documents from any PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. From anywhere in the world.

11. Local Backup Too

The documents in your account are stored in a secure cloud and are completely safe, however if you wish you can easily download the whole account or individual files / folders to your local drive at any time for local backups.

12. Safe & Secure

Our cloud document management system provides data backup. It is safely stored in a secure SSL environment. You may also customize the password policy for your team members, allowing them to use only extra-long passwords and requiring them to change their passwords regularly.

Benefits of a File Management Software System

MLAI File Management System enables people to collaborate and share information across geographical boundaries safely and securely. Colleagues in the office, as well as those working from home offices or other locations, will be able to access and securely share electronic files.

When people can access information independently, regardless of their location, it reduces the need to come to the office to answer questions and requests. There is no longer a requirement for travelling employees to call the office to ask for documents to be sent by fax or email. When it comes to customer relationship management, authorized clients can retrieve project information without requiring assistance from company personnel. Invoices and forms can be sent independently by suppliers without the use of complicated FTP sites or cluttered emails

1. File management systems are designed to allow administrators to set limits, permissions, and roles for files. It includes assigning different levels of access to files and assigning user roles. This increases efficiency by ensuring the right user receives the appropriate document.

2. MLAI file management software enhances a company's security. The software supports encrypted logins and secure connections. Additionally, it offers admins the opportunity to receive data reports that may assist them in making better business decisions.

3. The system centralizes important documents in one location.

4. Organize files so they are easily accessible no matter where they are stored.

5. Increase the productivity of employees by making finding files easy.

6. To ensure secure and safe storage and retrieval system for authorized employees and personnel.

7. Keeping compliant requires better tracking of archival and deletion of files.

8. Elimination of paper filing systems and the costs associated with them.

9. Collaborate: The sharing of documents, folders, sections or the entire account is possible with four permission levels: Upload-Only; Preview-Only; Preview & Download; and Editor.


10. Approve Documents: It's easy to approve documents. Users can add comments and even attach files to their decisions. Automated workflows can be created for approval and DocuSign.

11. Add Context: There are quite a few different types of metadata that can be added to your documents, such as descriptions, attachments, and other versions.


12. Audit Trails: The system provides comprehensive audit trails for all events. The audit trails can be filtered by date, user, and action. Moreover, log files can be exported at any time to Excel or CSV files.