MLAI Solution File Management System


File Management System is the Most Important piller of any Business. If Files are Lost or Taking Too Long to Process Orders, It Will Slow Down the Total Business Model.The success of any business depends on the efficiency of its document management systems. If documents are lost or misfiled, or it takes too long to process customer orders and pay suppliers, it can slow a business down, lose customers and even bring an operation to a standstill.

III EYE File Management System is the best Cloud Based File Management Software Which is Easy to Setup, Eco-friendly and Highly Secure. It Replaces Manual Entry Process and Brings Digital Approach of File Flow Into a Organization. It Streamlines the File / Document Flow Process From Creating a File to Complete Execution. Admin Can Create File Number, Upload File Images Through WebCam and Directly Assign that File to the Executives For Further Operations.


  • A Step Towards Paperless Offices and Be The Part Of Digital India.
  • File Can Not Be Lost Cause IIIEYE - File Management System Has Cloud Based Storage.
  • Admin Can Check The File Execution Process Through Multiple Executives.
  • If Any Executive Is Taking Too Much Time, You Can Simply Send The Reminder On A Single Click.
  • Admin Can Access To File Data Anytime and From Anywhere.